Friday, November 13th 7pm CST

Saturday, November 14th - 10am to 4pm CST

Sunday, November 15th - 10am to 1pm CST

Your home!

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Theme: Activated & Aligned - Your Authentic Path

How well do you know yourself? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Is your life in alignment with your authentic self? Perhaps this year has revealed that you are still not too sure about who you truly are and what will make you happy. This virtual weekend retreat is exactly what you need to promote self-reflection, healing, and a renewed sense of self and confidence in your own authentic path. Join us for this transformative virtual retreat!

What to Expect:

  • Gorgeous PDF retreat guidebook to use during event and after for reference and refreshers, complete with quiz, checklists, journal prompts, coloring sheets, and more!

  • Social hour on Friday night for introductions and ice-breakers.

  • Saturday full of learning and several breaks.

  • Sunday for journaling, music, sharing, and connecting with friends.

  • Private zoom link for attendees only and chat options.

  • Guided meditation activities.

  • Heart-led programming designed to empower and elevate you.

  • Resources for tapping into your creativity.

  • Musical playlist to inspire, uplift, and challenge you.

  • Interaction with like-minded women and opportunities to collaborate.




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