I Totally Get It

Asking for help is really hard for us as women.


Often times we are trying so incredibly hard to just hold it all together that we forget there are awesome people out there who can help us and ease the burden. When we are first starting out in our businesses, we slave away for hours, building our own websites and determined to do it all ourselves, out of necessity and budget restraints.


I know how tough it is, because I did it, too. After building a successful reputation as a high net-worth and affluent insurance broker, I left my 17-year career in 2015 to pursue my passion to help women succeed in life and business. I've worked with hundreds of women from coaching and consulting to building websites, designing social media campaigns, teaching workshops and even hosting intimate soul-filled retreats. 

But I've noticed that many women do not reach out for help until they are at the end of their rope.


They've tried everything to increase sales and jumpstart their profits, only to be left feeling alone, exhausted and desperate for solutions. Once they finally reach out for help, they realize how necessary it is to find a coach or consultant who understands them and can give them tools and resources to overcome those limiting beliefs holding them back from success and abundance. I pride myself in providing reasonable packages to help women at every stage in their business. 

After your first consultation, you will quickly realize I'm not like every other coach or consultant. I use my intuition to guide our sessions together to ensure we are working toward what's truly meant to be for you and your business. 

I typically get a sense of who you are and your heart's purpose right away, which creates a fast-track experience to get you where you need to go. 

If you are religious, you will probably understand pretty quickly that my intuitive gifts are simply prophetic words, downloaded through me to relay to you from God, Source, The Universe, or whomever you believe in. If you are not religious, rest assured that my mission is never to guide anyone to a specific belief system or religion. I do believe my gifts are bestowed upon me by God, but I'll never force my beliefs upon you during our consulting sessions.

No matter what you may believe or not believe, I encourage you to have an open mind and an open heart, and those two things alone will catapult your success. Get out of your own way and watch the magic happen.

Most of our coaching sessions will be focused on action and goals. I also have (optional) card readings for those interested. I do not 'predict the future.' I simply lean into your energy and gently guide you into what you may want to focus on next, with help from the cards. Pricing for card readings vary depending on session length. Please reach out to me for a free quote.



"I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Janet Bernstein on a number of occasions. I truly get so excited when I know I will be attending an event that Janet has planned and will lead, as it always adds so much value to me and my life. These occasions include Janet leading and facilitating groups of women, being coached by Janet, and having her do a photo and video shoot for me. Janet is incredibly talented and has an amazing mind for marketing. She is very creative and she knows how to relate to all people, which makes her so effective in everything she does.  Janet always knows how to pitch her marketing campaigns to get maximum attention and results. Janet gets things done in a very timely manner, due to her wonderful organizational skills. Janet is a natural leader and has such a talent for leading, coaching and empowering. She manages to achieve this in what always appears to be an effortless way, and she has an ability to add humor and empathy which makes her so relatable and real. I highly recommend Janet - she would be an absolute asset to any group or organization."

~ Helen Holden


"Janet's authenticity and generosity have allowed her to engage a tribe of powerful women. She provides opportunities to network and achieve greatness through events such as Power Brunches, Workshops and Mastermind Groups. She truly has created a sisterhood of women who bring value to each other, and I am honored to have served with her in leadership within NAPW (National Association of Professional Women."

~ Megan Wessels

Powerful Partners

"Janet's skills have been very profitable for my business. I highly recommend you call her now and see what she can do for you!"

~ Josie Gamez

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