Meet the Coach

I'm an Intuitive Coach, Empath, Healer, and all those woo-woo words you've probably seen before in your newsfeed. I spend my days helping heart-centered and soul-driven women (and sometimes men) in their unique path.


I deliver my coaching through one-on-one sessions, mastermind programs, virtual retreats, workshops, and inspirational events. 

I love using oracle and inspirational cards in my sessions, and often receive Divine Downloads with incredible insights to help my clients breakthrough barriers and gain clarity.

I'm a published author of seven books, and always working on the next one. I am a lifelong learner and have immersed myself in the development of spiritual tools, business resources, mindset transformation, healing, energy work and more. I believe in the Law of Attraction, but I speak more toward taking massive, imperfect action to achieve your goals, in addition to the manifesting and visualization techniques. 

I am the founder of Every Heart Project, a heart-centered sisterhood providing inspiring events, retreats, workshops, and mentoring to create drama-free, authentic friendships for women.

When I'm not working with my amazing clients, I am spending ridiculous amounts of time consuming crime shows on Netflix, while sipping Prosecco and snuggled up to my amazing husband, Harold. He's a middle school teacher... AKA hero. I may also be hanging out at my kitchen table with my teenagers watching endless TikTok videos and listening to the laughter that fills our home. And whenever I can, I'm holding my newest grandbaby, Rémi Morgan, our first grandchild born in July 2020. And yes, she's absolutely perfect.

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