• Janet Bernstein

A Stroll Through September

Each month I choose a theme word, and I chose the word 'alignment' for September, and overall, I'm pleased that I stuck to the practice of making sure every event, relationship and decision aligned with my mission and purpose. I dropped networking groups that no longer served me, opted out of email lists that didn't fulfill or challenge me, and even left Facebook groups where I was no longer an active participant. Some decisions were harder, and some were super simple. And as my husband will tell you - once I've made up my mind - there's no stopping me. Just thirty days ago, I made the decision to 'come out' as an Intuitive Empath, a secret I'd been keeping since I was a little girl. I expected some surprise from a few people, but what I didn't expect was the support that showed up in the form of friendships, new supporters and clients. Being my authentic self was obviously quite liberating, and it seemed those closest to me felt it too. I had one client immediately book six more consulting sessions with me, stating she knew in her heart that I could help her dig deeper in her own business to uncover the real HER - the one she'd been hiding for so long. I loved hearing this, and we've already had some incredible breakthroughs in the past couple of weeks. Another client opened up and told me she also had similar gifts, and my decision to go public truly lifted her spirits and showed her a much needed sign she had been waiting for as well. This was also the first year I didn't indulge in the highly popular Pumpkin Spice Latte from a certain famous coffee company. My reasoning was because my hubby and I are 60 days in on the Keto lifestyle, which essentially means we've eliminated sugar and cut carbs drastically. The famous coffee drinks are notorious for being full of sugar, so we opted to make our own at home with sugar-free syrup and heavy whipping cream. It was challenging at first, until we got the recipe just perfect. Boom! Delicious, and in full alignment with our lifestyle. It felt amazing and helped us stay on track. Alignment is about feeling in your mind, heart and gut that you're living, speaking, writing and behaving in a way that truly represents what you want to bring to this world. It's about showing up, not just authentically, but unapologetically. How are you showing up in your business? On Facebook? On Instagram? In person?

"I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier." ~Oprah Winfrey


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