• Janet Bernstein

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

I remember as a child when my little brother and I would play hide and seek. Sometimes I'd find myself sitting in a hall closet, waiting to be found, and realizing it could take a long time. I'd start looking around at the shoeboxes or jackets hanging above my head, and even noticing clothes of mine that had been stored here for so long they no longer fit me. It seemed like closets were just really great places to lose things. One time my brother got so upset that he couldn't find me, and started walking around the house crying, as he opened doors to rooms and lifted up bedding to peek under beds. Finally I came out of the hall closet and he saw me. He wanted to be happy to see me, but he was just more angry with me because he didn't find me himself. He said something like, "you could at least make some noise so I could have found you!" I smiled and shrugged my shoulders and told him, "let's play again!" As we got older, he got much better at that game, and my hall closet trick didn't stand a chance anymore. Some time in the past few months, I realized I was hiding again, but in a different type of closet. For as long as I could remember, I had these 'gifts' or abilities. I could sense things, feel things, and sometimes even predict things. I didn't share my gifts with many people, as I learned quickly that these topics were somewhat taboo in the world in which I lived. Growing up in the Christian church, having intuitive abilities seemed to somehow equate to a straight shot to hell! I told a close friend I had a vision about her and that was the end of my friendship with her, as well as an entire group of girls who knew her from school. Being called a witch at the age of 13 is reason enough to crawl into hiding, even though everything I felt and sensed turned out to be true. So here I am. I'm 39 years old, and I'm an Intuitive Empath. I sense and feel things on a deeper level than most, and I can instantly absorb the energy of another person or group within seconds - without words or touch. If someone is overwhelmed, sad, angry, or elated with joy, I feel it within ME. Sometimes I get images and visions, which I call Divine Downloads, and they are often to help me in matters of discernment or guiding someone who trusts me. Sometimes I pick up an energy so powerful that it causes me to retreat or go silent for a while. I get overwhelmed easily in big crowds, such as concerts and conferences, usually because there are too many frequencies happening around me. (Imagine being a magnet and walking around a room of magnetic fields. That's what it feels like.) Oh, and I sometimes I hear the thoughts of others. Yep, I just admitted that. True story; I once came home to my husband wearing a foil hat, as he jokingly told me it would protect him from my abilities. Yeah, it didn't work. I am officially coming out of the Spiritual Closet. This is me, authentically and unapologetically me. And I'm using these gifts to help women (and sometimes men) just like YOU grow in their businesses and hit their goals! Got questions? Let's chat! Message me here.


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