• Janet Bernstein

How Did I Get Here?

Well, I wish I could say my own transition into entrepreneurship was a smooth and easy one, but that would be a big fat lie. The truth is I spent 17 years in the insurance world, climbing that corporate ladder and constantly seeking awards, recognition, perks and anything to prove my worth to those I looked to for approval. Sadly, after making it to partner and feeling as though I had finally reached a huge milestone, two years later my partnership was dissolved and I was forced to walk away. Every single client I had spent years getting to know and building trust... gone.

I had at least two days of tears, combined with a marathon of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and a gallon of Dreyer's french silk ice cream. But on the third day, I wiped away the tears, put on real clothes (okay- maybe yoga pants) and created my business plan. I wasn't going back to the corporate world and I knew I could create a business I was truly proud of but also that would make a real difference in the women I would touch. I named the business 'Savvy Girl Content' (which later became Savvy Girl Media) and my primary focus was helping women write their stories into their websites using content. This was fun for a while, and I eventually ended up learning how to design websites and build webpages myself, opening some additional doors to new clients and projects. Because so many of the women I was helping needed photos for their websites, I dusted off my camera and reignited my passion for portrait and lifestyle photography. I was having a blast and loved seeing the women in my life light up when they finally had the website, business card, photos and business they were proud of and loved.

Since launching in 2015, Savvy Girl Media morphed into a combination of all of these hands-on services, along with personalized coaching and consulting. It was through those hundreds of hours of coaching and guiding women that I discovered my calling was far greater than building websites and branding. My voice and my heart had power together. My twenty years of business experience on both the corporate side and as an entrepreneur definitely equipped me in many ways. But ultimately, it has been my empathic and intuitive abilities that have helped my clients soar to new heights.

So as of August 30, 2019, Savvy Girl Media is fading into the background. That cartoon character that represented my brand for so many years will no longer be the face of my brand.

It's just gonna be me... Janet.

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