The Mastermind Program

In 2016, I followed a hunch and launched a Mastermind program, called 'Unleashed.' Only a handful of women signed up initially, but it ended up changing my life (and theirs.) Through this mastermind program, I realized my abilities to intuitively guide women into designing their own brand for their business. I helped one client name her business and all of her programs, and others create mission statements and content for their ventures that resonated deeply with who they were as women and professionals.

After my second year of offering the Mastermind, I wrote a book to encompass all of the tools I had been teaching. It was published in 2018, and called 'The Savvy Girl Media's Guide to Branding.' I was beyond proud of this book, and loved that it gave women all over the world a chance to build their brands themselves, with the tools I had used to help close to twenty women soar through my mastermind program.

In 2018, I decided to take a year off from the Mastermind, following a dissolution of a business relationship I cherished deeply. The loss of a dear friend in the process truly shook me to the core, and I retreated as I processed the many emotions that seemed to keep overwhelming me. During this time, so many women continued to ask me about the Mastermind program and when it was coming back. Though I longed to be pouring into them again in that role, I hesitated to launch it again for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason was that I felt as though I wasn't truly living authentically in my life, and teaching authenticity had become part of my brand and mission.

Finally, after a year of rest and recharging, I launched my Mastermind program again, this time called 'The Visibility Mastermind.' I had 12 women enrolled, and the magic continued to unfold during coaching sessions, calls and the group events. As I type this, we are still two months from the end of this program, and I've loved seeing the transformations of the ladies involved. It's renewed my sense of purpose for this program, and I'm already in planning mode for the 2020 program. Stay tuned!

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