So, I Like toTalk

Apparently this started at an early age, because every report card I brought home mentioned my inability to keep my mouth shut.

I successfully turned my gift of gab into a speaker career! I have had the privilege of being a speaker to groups at USI Holdings, Lockheed Martin, Liberty Mutual, Women Helping Women 2 Network, Plaid for Women, Women in Insurance and Financial Services and many small businesses and networking groups across the DFW metroplex. I am known for my no-nonsense approach, mixed with humor and vulnerability. People seem to like it, and I have an absolute blast on the stage!


  • It's Time to Shine & Squash the Imposter Syndrome

  • Inclusion: Cultivating Change in the Workplace

  • How to Read People: An Interactive Workshop

  • Unbecoming: Authenticity for the Heart-Centered

  • How to Shine Online: Social Media & Visibility Tools

  • Rising from the Ashes: Overcoming Tough Times

  • My Journey from Welfare to Winning

  • Branding Yourself and Your Business for Success

  • The New Rules of the Sisterhood: Time for Change

  • Introduction to Meditation for Beginners 


Let's DoThis...

If you are searching for a high energy, dynamic speaker, I'd love to chat with you regarding your organization, event or group. My speciality is speaking to women, groups of 50-500 attendees, but I can customize a talk or message to a group of any size. I do have a speaker fee for most events; contact me to discuss more. I do decrease my fee for most non-profit organizations or charity events.


"Janet is an inspiration to all of us! She set the tone during our Women of ALPFA event at Liberty Mutual Insurance in Plano, TX. Janet engaged our attendees by focusing on our theme, "It's Time to Shine and Squash the Impostor Syndrome." Janet exhibited confidence, originality, and charisma during her presentation. She is highly confident, credible, accurate, intelligent, believable and likable. She has the ability to influence her personal experiences into her speech. Janet shared her personal experiences to trigger an emotional response from listeners. Her unique speaking style evoked humor and wit while keeping her audience engaged and entertained. As a charismatic speaker, Janet made her audience feel connected and uplifted. Her speech was powerful and left a strong and lasting impression. Janet will definitely be invited for future speaking opportunities."

~ Veronica Burns, CISR, LUTCF

Liberty Mutual Insurance

"I've had the pleasure of seeing Janet on stage at multiple events and she is dynamic, inspiring and truly authentic. She speaks from the heart and it shows! She cares about the women in her organization, and has a passion for helping women she doesn't event know - through amazing events and workshops. She is paving the way for women everywhere and I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker, trainer or facilitator for any organization looking to bring heart back into their employees or members. She has a gift and loves sharing it with others! Book her today and experience her for yourself!"

~ Lynne Malkoff

Lynne Malkoff Promotions

"Janet Bernstein is a dynamic, and inspirational speaker who effectively reaches women wanting to find their place in today’s world. I have experienced first hand how Janet can mobilize and empower women to take positive steps to discover a life that is more meaningful. Janet knows what often holds women back from true heart filled connection and provides the steps women can take to get un-stuck. She is passionate, sincere and a true believer in the capabilities of women."

~ Sherri Elliott-Yeary, SPHR

Generational Guru

"Janet Bernstein is passionate about everything she does. If you haven’t come to an Elevate event, you should. A storyteller and humorist; she has the ability to touch everyone. You leave with more knowledge about yourself or others, and get connected with a tribe of women who have very big hearts!"

~ Katrina Kuzniuk

Member, The Every Heart Project

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