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2020 started with a bang for most of us, but many are now finding themselves revising goals and changing priorities. Our Mastermind members are now 5 months into the 2020 program and seeing so many wins and breakthroughs! We've had members launch new businesses, secure large clients, finish books, and more! 

In light of recent events and the 'shelter-in-place' recommendations in many parts of the country, I have made the decision to re-open our Mastermind for virtual attendees. Some of the perks offered back in November are no longer available, such as free coaching and complimentary events, but your membership will get you 24/7 access to all of the teachings going forward, as well as access to the entire content already posted.

Every week there is a new 'theme' with a live teaching every Wednesday at 12:30pm CST - but don't stress if you can't make it live; all of the teachings are recorded and can be watched anytime at your convenience.

Every morning I post a 'daily download' which is a special message to guide you, inspire you or encourage you in your journey, as well as a journal prompt to help you create a habit of journaling and reflection.

Below are the lessons for every week, to give you an idea of the content. As we start the month of May, we are beginning Module #6 on Authentically You.

The Lessons

Module 1: Mastering Your Mindset

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Happiness is not a myth

How we attract money

Meditation 101

Defining Success

Abundance is your birthright

How we repel money

The emotional vibration scale

Module 2: Decluttering

Groups, events, relationships

Negative thought patterns

Learning to say no

Your closet represents more

Anchors & visual reminders

Setting boundaries

Module 3: The Business Blueprint

Define what you do

Create a mission statement

Attracting soul-mate clients

You are not for everyone

Identify Ideal Client Avatar

Your foolproof elevator pitch

Secrets to business blogging

Dealing with haters

Module 4: Marketing Strategies

Marketing yourself online

LinkedIn for dummies

Social media that works


The art of storytelling

Common website mistakes

How to rock live videos

Creating unique content

Using blogging to drive traffic


Module 5: Effective Leadership

Leaders without titles

Communication styles

Dealing with difficult people

Letting people go

Choosing your circle wisely

Integrity matters

Personality test 

Guilt by association

Navigating social media

Creating a personal board

Module 6: Authentically You

Discovering the real you

Personal vs professional brand

Guest blogging, articles

Triggers and signs

Your social media personality

Tapping into your unique style

Module 7: Ignite Your Creativity

The truth about creativity

Finding your muse

Getting back to basics

What inspires you

The power of the launch

What are you here to create?

Module 8: Self-Care

The signs of burnout

Adding self-care to your calendar

The truth about FOMO

Creating rituals & routines

Follow your intuition

Setting intentions

Module 9: Overcoming Fear

Fear of the unknown

Fear of failure

The power of taking action

Fear of success

Fear of judgment

The procrastination problem

Module 10: It's Time to Shine

Your light matters

Aligning your business

Where are you hiding your light?

Don't dim to fit in

What lights you up?

Your legacy

Module 11: Getting out of the Funk

Remember your why

Start with service

Climb the vibrational scale

Anchors and signs

Back to decluttering

Change of scenery

Module 12: Finishing the Year with Confidence

Revisit the goals

Celebrate the wins

Thinking forward


Finish old projects

Set intention for next year

Dreaming bigger



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