If you're looking for permission to step into the woman you know you were meant to be and shine like never before...

Every single day I work with women who just want the freedom to pursue what they love, follow their hearts and make a difference in the world. Many of them come to me when they are burnt out, overwhelmed or even ready to throw in the towel on their life or business. That's when the magic happens!

Perhaps you've been trying to do it all alone for too long, struggling to make a profit or scared to record a live video on Facebook. You are not alone!

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My superpower is being able to intuitively guide women through transformation, using more than 20 years of business experience with a whole lot of heart. I love to hear from women who are ready to make big Heart Leaps and just need someone to support them along the way and give them the accountability and encouragement they need and desire. Oh yeah, and I make them remember all of the amazing little things about themselves they probably forgot along the way. We talk about those big crazy dreams they had before they started working or having babies, and we set new goals to help them feel empowered and in charge of their own lives again. I'm also an ordained Minister, and I use my gifts, along with guidance from God/The Universe/Source (whatever you call it in your life) to draw out hidden talents, desires, purpose and needs. Some of my other tools include oracle cards and I'm a numerologist. 

If I haven't lost you yet, then my guess is that you know there is more to this life and more for your own life. You recognize there's a higher power that sends you signs, signals and other little nudges along the way. 

But somehow you've gotten fuzzy over the last few years, and your business isn't flourishing how you'd like it to, or how you know it should. Or perhaps your business is rocking and rolling, but you feel a bit like an outsider, watching it all unfold and feeling as though you've lost a sense of who you are in the process. 

The good news is that you recognize this feeling! Many continue to walk through the fog, stumbling around until they bump into things, afraid to ask for help or guidance. 

I certainly do not have all of the answers; but I will confidently lead you back to the most authentic version of yourself, where you will discover these answers within you. It sounds a little woo-woo (and perhaps some of this truly is that), but I promise you that you are worth it. Explore the possibilities and take a chance. The next version of you is waiting for you on the other side of your fear...

© 2020 by Janet C. Bernstein